Tuesday, February 27, 2018

ICB Prayer Bible {FrontGate Review}

We were gifted the ICB Prayer Bible by FrontGate Media a little while back in exchange for review.  When I agreed to this review, I had no idea how beautifully designed this Bible would be.  Y'all, when I say it's gorgeous, it's GORGEOUS!

The Bible is a beautiful light pink with gold stamped flowers in a ring pattern, and The Prayer Bible written in the same lovely gold.  What you don't see in the image above is the beautiful irradescent sparkle that is splashed throughout the pattern of circles and dots on the image above. 

This is an International Children's Bible meaning it's written in a format that children can understand and it can be used internationally with children from all over the world.  What a GREAT thing?!  Sharing God's Word through this beautiful Bible with children from all over the world.

This precious full size Bible reminds me of the ones from my childhood.  It is designed with pages of quotes and scriptures inside.  The design shared on the front of the Bible is continued in the pages throughout the Bible itself.  

There are also questions and answers shared throughout the Bible to help teach your child the importance of what they are reading and further open the discussion for your family.  This is a great way to grow and share together.  We loved these sections that were placed throughout the ICB Prayer Bible.

As a bonus, this Bible included a Prayer Journal that is a separate booklet from the Bible itself.  This is a great way to begin teaching your child to pray for others as well as learn to write prayers.  Fill it with your child's own special prayers.

This beautiful ICB Prayer Bible in pink from Tommy Nelson is available for $22.99.  You're little girl will love it.  There's also an adorable boy's version of the ICB Prayer Bible available in blue for purchase as well.

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