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Starfall Home Membership {Crew Review}


Starfall Education Foundation has been a favorite in our household for 13 years now.  I was so excited when I saw The Starfall Home Membership come up for review this year.  Starfall has been such a blessing in our home over our years of homeschooling.  It is one of our most recommended programs to other homeschoolers.

As always, Starfall Education Foundation provides a wonderful program to help children everywhere learn to read.  The program is still free but they now have The Starfall Home Membership available for a low yearly fee.  This part of the program offers an informative and fun curriculum that can be used with your young students both at home and in a classroom setting.

Starfall Education Foundation offers an app download to be used by your students.  The app is available on both Android and iPad.  It's simple and fun to use.

As I mentioned, we began using Starfall many years ago with my oldest son.  It was a program he found fun.  Bonus that it was free to use with him.  Extra bonus that he actually learned from it.

My daughter also began reading with Starfall.  She loved the games and the fun videos that the program included.  We could watch a few of the videos or play a few games and it wasn't overwhelming.  It was just the right amount of learning and fun.

Add in my third child.  Our love of Starfall continued.  Laycie loved the program just as much as her siblings.

And when the fourth baby came, well Starfall was sure to be a hit with him too.  He was watching the videos with his siblings before he could sit up.  He was singing the catchy songs before he could really talk well.  He was learning and all thanks to this wonderful company that has kept my children interested for the past decade.

Now, though I am an avid lover of Starfall Education Foundation, I had never joined The Starfall Home Membership.  We simply enjoyed the free parts of this wonderful program.  So when this review came up, I wanted to know what it was all about.  Seriously, how much better could this program get!

I logged in and set up our account.  Through our membership we were able to add in Math and even more reading, phonics and fun.  This program is for preschool, 1st and 2nd grade.  It's a great remedial resource for students who may be a bit older as well.  

The program is not overwhelming.  You can stop at any point and restart again when you're ready.  You can work all day or just 10 minutes.  You can restart and replay whatever you need to.  

This program has taught my kids so much.  They've learned to read.  It's helped with reading struggles.  It's helped keep them interested.  It was a savior in our household.

And the Starfall Home Membership is awesome.  You gain access to so much more.  There's a parent/teacher center where you will find access to full curriculum units that help you teach the basics to your sweet children.  You can download additional helps, like charts and images, readers and so much more.

These items are also available for purchase in the Starfall Store.  Costs vary by product.  These are not needed for the program but they are a great bonus if you wish to purchase while working through the program.

Starfall starts with teaching your child the ABC's.  We've watched these little videos and played the games endlessly.  My kids LOVE them.  They haven't changed a lot over the years.  They've only gotten better.

When your child has a good grasp of the ABC's, you'll move forward into Learning to Read.  This just continues to build and build until eventually, your child is reading!  I love it!

Through The Starfall Home Membership, your child learns so much more!  You start with math songs, or you can learn about holidays, calendar math, ABC's, Colors, Phonics, Nursery Rhymes and so so so much more!

All these things are developed to keep your child's interest in learning.  For us, it's been one of the best educational programs we've ever encountered.  I am more than thankful for all that Starfall Education Foundation has taught my children.

You can get your own subscription to The Starfall Home Membership for $35 a year.  This is such a wonderful investment for young children and one you will love.  You'll see them truly enjoying learning right away.

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