Thursday, March 15, 2018

A Very Happy Easter Prayer {FrontGate Review}

A Very Happy Easter Prayer
Bonnie Rickner Jenson
Illustrated by Natalia Moore

As a Mom, I am always looking for great books to add to our home library.  I especially love books that are holiday themed.  I also love books that share God's love with my children.

A Very Happy Easter Prayer by Bonnie Rickner Jenson is the perfect book for Easter.  The book itself is gorgeous.  The front cover is slightly textured which makes the book look beautiful with it's shimmer and sparkle.

Natalie Moore out does herself with the adorable, yet beautiful imagery on each page of this absolutely wonderful board book.  The pages are filled with daffodils, picnics underneath the big tree that's featured on the book's cover, tulips with bee hives and so many more lovely things to see.

The cover features a trio of rabbits but the book inside is filled with many great animals: bees, a fox, an owl, a duck, a moose, a bear and so many more.  This book is about God's wonderful world, so much more than just the rabbits.  You're child will love seeing the love these animals share as friends and through God's love as well.

The story itself shares thankfulness for Spring, for rain and gentle breezes. It shares thankfulness for bluebirds and dandelions and honey bees.  It shares thankfulness for fluffy bunnies, for adventures and for Jesus' birth and love.  It shares thankfulness for all the things that make Easter morning special.

This is a lovely book that would be a great addition to any family library.  A Very Happy Easter Prayer by Bonnie Rickner Jenson is from Tommy Nelson Publishers and is part of their A Time To Pray series. It sales for $8.99 in bookstores and online.

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