Thursday, March 15, 2018

Aspiring Writer {Thoughts From Me}

She had wanted to be a author, a writer for her whole life. It was a secret aspiration for as long as she could remember. A deep desire she held inside.

She’d spent her life watching her brother and sister accomplish great things. Their dream careers came to life like it was nothing for them, while she held back, mostly out of fear.

She was afraid. She could admit that. She feared what others might say. She feared that her dreams would never come to life. She feared she would be a failure, if she ever even tried.

She’d spent years dreaming, hoping for something to push her forward to overcome her fears. One day she realized that something could only be herself. She was the dreamer after all. No one could make these dreams happen for her.

So she stepped out of her shy box and began. Her greatest adventures were yet to be written. Her dreams waited to come true.

And now we begin my journey…

Until next time...

©Dana C. Lambert-Hodge - 2018

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