Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Beginning March Update {March 2018}

March has come in quickly.  I can hardly believe it's already the 6th!  It was just February.

This month brings lots of reviews.  Things from the Crew and lots of other places.  Great books from great authors we love to read!

I spent last week gathering a menu for the month.  I haven't done one in quite a while.  32 days to get us through to next month.  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack since we are homeschoolers and we're home all day most days.

My biggest challenge is always feeding the picky eaters and keeping up with who eats what and how they prefer certain foods.  Laycie isn't a bread lover.  Jack doesn't like variety.  Win's least favorite is veggies.  Emma doesn't eat cabbage and has recently decided she's not a fan of toast.

This month provides some fun for our menu though.  We will eat mostly Irish meals the week of St. Patrick's Day.  We also have Easter on April 1st so I chose the plan to include that as well.  Lots of variety and fun new foods to try.

Last night, we had Pigs In A Blanket with brats instead of hot dogs.  We've cut out hot dogs a lot because of the processing of them and switched to sausage when we can.  They were good but not a favorite for us this time.

I'm still writing.  I'm also diving into our ancestry which is fun.  It's been awesome seeing who we're all related to and just how unique our family truly is.  The kids have enjoyed the lessons as well.  I hope so share more on this in the future.

I'm feeling better, health and energy wise.  I think it shows.  Healthier me will bring more time to work online as well as get out and do more.  I'm looking forward to taking photos again and sharing more of those here on our little blog.

Well, that is us, for now. 

Until next time...

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