Thursday, March 22, 2018

Enfolded In God's Arms {Christian Women's Affiliate Review}

Enfolded In God's Arms
40 Reflections to Embrace Your Inner Healing
By Lisa Are Wulf

I'm often looking at devotionals to help me center my daily focus and bring God to the forefront so I was pretty excited to find this book among the reviews available through Christian Women's Affiliate.  Enfolded In God's Arms: 40 Reflections to Embrace Your Inner Healing by Lisa Are Wulf is a wonderful collection of well written reflections that truly help get your heart into the right place.

The reflections are short,  yet  thought provoking.  They begin with a scripture to reflect upon as you read the devotion.  The devotion is a short thoughtful story that helps you to relate to the scripture.  You end the devotion with another scripture, also fitting with the daily devotion.

This is followed by a set of questions to help you really get to the heart of the matter.  You can dive as deep as you wish with these.  There is plenty of room on the page to write your feelings and answers as you do.

Next you will find a daily prayer, followed by a place to share your thoughts if you should so choose.  This is a great way to reflect yourself about how the devotion spoke to you as well as what you have learned through it.

There are 40 Reflections in all and plenty of room to write.  The book is of average size and easy to carry along with you if you chose to do so.  It is an Indie Book Finalist.

You can buy a copy of Enfolded In God's Arms: 40 Reflections to Embrace Your Inner Healing by Lisa Are Wulf online for around $10.  It's a lovely book that you'll enjoy adding to your devotional collection.

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