Thursday, March 15, 2018

Tell Me About Easter {B&H/LifeWay Review}

As a parent, I often find that though Easter is all about Jesus, and God, and their amazing love for us, sometimes Jesus' story gets lost behind that adorable bunny rabbit.  As a parent, I also know that bunny is not the center of the reason for Easter.  God's Love and His gift of His Son is.  I'm always, always looking for books to share with my children, that teach the truth of the Holiday instead of the story.

Tell Me About Easter is an adorable board book with felted pages that share's the story of God's Love for us.  The book isn't terribly long.  Just the right length for your toddler or young child.  Each and every page is loaded with felted, soft texture that you and your child will enjoy. 

This book builds up the story of Easter, beginning with Spring, speaking of the joys that Easter's anticipation brings to us.  It ends by sharing that Jesus died and he rose to show us God's amazing love.  It brings together all the joys and hope of Spring and of God's love as well.

Tell Me About Easter is a B&H Kids book.  It is available in bookstores and online for around $9.99.  The book itself is absolutely adorable and would make a great edition to any home library.


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