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Creation Illustrated {Crew Review}

Creation Illustrated asked us to review two Unit Studies this year: Snow Unit Study and Pine Trees.  They also have new Digital Editions of their magazine that these go with for expanding learning.  They are the Fall '17 Digital Edition and the Winter '18 Digital Edition.   They were a lot of fun to work through.

We were introduced to Creation Illustrated a few years ago through the Homeschool Review Crew when we reviewed physical editions of their magazine.  These editions were beautifully designed and full of wonderful, educational information.  Their digital editions are just as wonderful as their print editions are.  And best of all, they are Creation based so they show nature through a Christian perspective.

You can read our previous review here: Creation Illustrated 2012 Review

For purposes of this review, we were given access to the Creation Illustrated Fall '17 Digital Edition and the Creation Illustrated Winter '18 Digital Edition along with the unit studies that go along with these editions. 

The Creation Illustrated Fall '17 Digital Edition goes along with the Pine Trees unit study.  Information for the study begins on page 8-9 of the Fall '17 Digital Edition.  The study is designed for grades 5-8.

The study begins by sharing information on reading and educational resources to use with the study.  Next you'll find a selection of links to Educational Videos that can also be used along with the study.  Next, you learn a bit about the history of the word "Pine" followed by a list of related vocabulary words and spelling words.

The study includes a Bible study on Pine Trees as well.  I found this very interesting.  Did you know that Fir trees do not grow in Palestine?  I didn't before this study!

This study includes Geography, Science, and even Math.  It has a little of everything so you get a full learning experience.  The study ends with a word search on Pines.

This study is designed to be easy to use.  It is easy to get started and work through.  You could use it with a younger child if you're guiding them or with an older child as a review.  We used it all together.

The Snow Unit Study goes along with the Creation Illustrated Winter '18 Digital Edition.  You will find the information related to this study beginning on pages 20-21.  The images are outstanding.

The Snow Unit Study follows the same design as the Pine Trees unit study.  It begins with related information and videos, followed with important vocabulary and spelling.  I like that these start out with the important words to know so it makes it easy to cover these before you work through the full study if you wish to.

This study also covers relation to the Bible.  Did you know that the word "Snow" appears 24 times in the Bible?  I sure did not!

Both of these unit studies end with the answer keys so you can find the answers easily as well.

The BEST part of these Unit Studies is that they are so CHEAP.  They are both priced at $9.95 each but they are currently available for $6.95 each.  That's a 30% discount!

Creation Illustrated offers both Digital Editions and Print Editions for purchase.  You can also subscribe for future magazines to be delivered right to your door.  These magazines are beautiful and will bring you much joy.

You can find Creation Illustrated Online at:

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