Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Just To Let You Know... {Thoughts From Me}

All of our social media now matches and our blog has a brand new look!

I wanted to make it a bit easier to locate us online so I created a new image/logo and I've updated all of our favorite online places with the new logo so you can easily find us online.  I really hope you like it.  

I choose the purple them for both Epilepsy and Breath Holding Spells Awareness because, as you know, both hold a pretty special place in my heart.  The ribbon that winds through our blog title also represents awareness and those 4 tiny hearts at the bottom of our new logo are for each one of my beautiful children.  

It's been a blessing to do this job and to share and help others.  I hope to continue doing so far into the future.  But for now, I've more work to do to move ahead with our little space online.

God bless,

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