Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Assignment by Devon Blanton {Review}

The Assignmentby Devon Blanton

Dr. Devon Blanton is a Professional Christian Counselor, a Pastor, musician and overall man with a heart for God.  Dr. Blanton has taken his knowledge and shared it within several books.  The Assignment is the first book I have personally read from Dr. Blanton.

The Assignment attempts to give answers to the great question that most people ask today: What am I here?  What is my Purpose on this Earth?   Through this study guide book, you will gain perspective on these thoughts and find reason for your existence.

The book is small enough that it can be carried along with your Bible or in your purse if you wish.  There are 13 chapters.  Each are short but packed with thought and information supporting Dr. Devon's Biblical insight, as well as directing you to scripture. 

The book is set up in study form so that you read the chapter, then explore more.  Each chapter ends with a list of Study Words and then dives into the workbook activities.  All are included in the book so you only have one copy to keep up with.

The workbook activity sections are basically study guide questions designed to help you further understand the message of the chapter you've previously read.  This would be great for a Christian study group.  The amount of questions for each chapter varies throughout the book.

If you feel lost and can't find your purpose or reason for being here, this book is a great way to gain focus and find your way.  The Assignment by Devon Blanton is available on Amazon for $8.99 with Prime shipping or $3.92 for Kindle.

You can find Devon Blanton at The Assignment Bible Study on Facebook!

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