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Watchman Pictures: Princess Cut {Crew Review}

Watchman Pictures provided us with a copy of their movie, Princess Cut.  This is a beautiful movie that families really should watch and enjoy together.  It's approximately 97 minutes in length and just overall one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.

Princess Cut shares the story of Grace and her family, The Andersons.  It's a young woman's journey to respect God and find love in today's world.  Today we are often pushed to do things we otherwise would not.  Things like kissing before we are ready, becoming intimate, living together before marriage.  Things that often lead to heartbreak.

Princess Cut focuses on saving yourself for marriage and developing yourself in the meantime while you wait on God to provide for your life and marriage.  Through the movie, you see Grace get her heartbroken by the guy she thought was right for her.  She then meets Jared, a cocky young man who thinks he knows best and tries to push Grace into a deeper, physical relationship.  Grace faces feelings of regret and feeling she's let her family and God down through the pressure her relationship with Jared provides. 

But God has a plan for Grace and her future.  Grace meets the new doctor in town, a true man of God who seeks a relationship with her by gaining her parents blessing before moving forward.  Clint has nothing but respect for Grace and her beliefs.  He allows God to lead them, allowing God to show them if marriage is for them or not and allowing them to remain friends if their relationship doesn't work out.

There are other twists and turns along the way.  Clint's ex-girlfriend comes in to win him back.  The Anderson family's farm is having challenges.  The family faces some obstacles themselves.  But through it all there faith in God shines. 

This is one movie you must add to your home collection so you can watch it again and again.  I promise you'll love it as much as my family has.  There's so many lessons to glean from the movie itself.  It's just a beautiful movie overall.

Set in NC, this movie made me miss our previous home.  The beauty of the Farms are undeniable.  The scenery is gorgeous and only adds to the enjoyment of the movie overall.

And if you're looking for a way to teach your children how to go about finding true love, this movie can be a wonderful help with that.  So encouraging to not see a beautiful girl having an advanced relationship that should be saved for her husband.  Such a wonderful lesson for young women and men alike.

You can purchase Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures for $9.99.

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